Thursday, January 15, 2009

Embrace Life

Hi there all. I am trying to get my mojo happening for stampin again. I can not seem to get my ideas working though. Oh well its been a bit of a busy time hasn't it. I guess with everything it has become a bit of a task to take a step back and breathe.
Here are my first two plays for the year, the first one would have looked great if my card had not been moved and smudged ... argh!! The second card I have done was a case (an idea) from SSS. (split coast stampers) I like it, it did take a while to cut around the flowers, but, I am sure it would not have taken as long if i was using MY stampin Up scissors and not the kids lovely not sharp ones from school. Since being backwards and forwards to sydney I have misplaced my scissors (INSERT TEARS HERE!!) I am sure that they will turn up eventually.

On another note, I still have dates free to run workshops, so, while sale-a-bration is on, why not take the opportunity to try and recieve some free stamps! If you would like any further information please let me know and I will have a chat. my email is don't be afraid to email me, i love getting emails!

Take care and happy stampin!


Rebecca Ross said...

Hey honey! Totally cute cards. I really like the second one. I have a feeling the first one looks much better in real life than it does in the pic?? Will have to give you some tips for getting good pics for your blog.

I have a spare pair of SU scissors if you wanna borrow until you can either find yours or get a new pair?

Love Bec.

Bell's Play Page said...

Hi BEc. Thanks so much, yeah the first one looks awesome, but someonee, not mentioning anynames, but we are married and he is a bit of a clean freak and he is tall and his name is Ray moved it so it all smudged... SPEWIN! I think I have kind of figured out the camera, from the pics on the post i just did, what do you think??
Oh and hold the fort... I FOUND my scissors!! It is amazing what you find when you actually unpack bags properly! LOL.