Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby shower fun and games

Hi all. Well yesterday we had Sonia's baby shower. I was so worried that I would forget to take everything or that things would not go according to plan, as poor bubba Julian got a viral infection on wednesday, plus he is getting two teeth, so he has been sick, angry and cute all together. Long story short, misplaced the baby cups, and forgot to buy wool, luckily Sonia had some, and do you think I could find small babies? NAH I found plenty of big ones, but non small enough to fit into an ice tray, so my Mum suggested jelly babies! So Aunty Les picked them up for me.
We had several games to play. We had fill in the nursery rhyme. I grabbed a few nursery rhymes and blanked out some of the words, so whoever got the most was the winner. We played whos water will break first, hence the jelly babies frozen in ice trays, now I should have told everyone that the winner would be the first to say that there water had broken, but we ended up with 2 winners. We played guess the powder, I got talc, flour, sugar,salt and washing powder and everyone had to guess which was what. We played guess the bump size, Everyone had to cut a piece of wool to the size that they thought Sonia would be and whoever got closest won, suprisingly we had 2 winners, one was Aunty Les, the guesses were so close! And last but not least we played baby parts, Everyone had to fill in what parts they thought Sonia would want the baby (hayley) to have. All in all the games went for about an hour and I made prizes for the games. I put all the games into a box I had designed for Sonia and now She has a keepsake for her day. It was good fun, the cake was GORGEOUS and SOOOOO yummy! Now we just sit back and wait for Hayley to come!

The Prizes...... The FOOD!!!
The gifts for everyone to take home, I made up the shoes and brought a whistle and teddy bear toothpick, Sonia brought everyone bottles of pink wine.
The girl in question posing with the most awesome of awesome cakes!

Aunty Leslees prize. filled with a chocolate bar and lollies... mmmmm ... lollies!

The tinkerbell cake, Hayleys room is decked out in tinkerbell its gorgeous!

Brad checking out the games we were playing... NOthing suss lol!

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