Friday, October 10, 2008

even MORE christmas cards... YES I am addicted.. where is Stampin annonymous?

Hi! Well been pretty busy around here lately, with the preparations for under 8's day. Well, it has been busy but not only because of that!!

I have made up a card pack tonight. The stamps used are priceless and fast and fun notes. I have also used some printed paper as well. I am sticking with the greens for Christmas themes. They are pretty plain cards, but I do not have any other stamps for Christmas. So have figured green and red are pretty christmasy!
I have also made a card holder for them which needs to have some ribbon on it to tie... MUST get the crop-a-dile!

Here are the cards.......

Here is the card holder.... Bec came up with the design, isn't she clever!

I am thinking of holding some classes to make items with the tart and tangy set and also another class with hung up on Christmas stamp set. You will make at least 4 cards and get the stamp set. I am looking at $40 for each of the classes which includes the stamp set and materials for the class, If you are interested please let me know as spaces will be limited.

Obviously the price is just a guess at the moment until i see what i am going to make and of course which set but they will not be any more than $40.


Rebecca Ross said...

Hey Sistah! Nice work hun - you are quite a prolific little card maker now! I like the way you made a set with the box. Cute!

Bell's Play Page said...

thanks babes... can not wait to get my hands on christmas sets... omg... i will go in to creative over load lol

Anonymous said...

these look awesome chicki babe!

you're gonna ROCK the classes :)

Lis xx

Bell's Play Page said...

Thanks Lis!!

I will have to show you stuff when I am in sydney! Will have to have a catch up!!