Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Product Spotlight: SImply Sent : FRIENDLY NOTES

Hello again.... WOW what an exciting month coming up with Stampin Up! So many discounted items it is GREAT!! I wanted to show you one of the packs that are on special from the 4th to 11th October only. This pack is the friendly notes card pack and page 13 and will be 20% off the original price. Now I must admit that I was expecting alot of stuff in my pack but I thought oh it would only be enough to make the 14 cards only. HOW WRONG WAS I!!! I have so much left over. In this pack I got 92 mini glue dots (so no need to buy glue) I got one paper piece of dimensionals ( these usually come in three to a packet. These are used to make your item stick out and not glued flat.) I got extra brads ( the pin looking things - Yes- i also like how technical I am). I can not rave on enough about this pack.

Even the box it comes in is pretty!

Everthing that comes in the packs. This is a great way for people to test out the Stampin Up products. Plus, for those of us who are not very creative, it has step by step instructions on how to make two cards. With the left overs you can create what you want too!! And if you enjoy the cards as is, all you have to do is order the paper and you can make it all over again!!

This is all you need to make one of the card designs HOW EASY!!

This is the end product! I do not know why but everytime I take a photo

of the end product its ALWAYS blurry.. I hate that!

I will be making my own normal C6 sized cards with the products (bar the card stock) in the pack. I will be posting them up on here within the next few days! This set is a great set for begginners too advanced... Once again, the items included with the pack are way more than you need to creat the 14 cards! If you are interested in the card packs please let me know.

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