Monday, March 2, 2009

Album In A day - Paper angels, Garry Palmer Memorial Fund thru the australian cancer research foundation

Hi again. I thought that i would share a few photos that I took at yesterday's fundraiser.
There are more to come, but keep checking Bec and Liz's blogs as well incase they have up some as well.

Here are the wonderful raffle prizes, donations for these were made by Stampin Up! Who donated over $800 worth of product, Other donations were from the other demonstrators, Orrell, Kate, Liz, Bec and Myself, if I am missing anyone else I do appologise.

Here is Bec, hanging out on the mic. she did such a great job. Well done. Without her the day would not have even come to fruition on such a large scale.

Here is my lovely table, this side of the table were very well behaved. (hehehe-compared to the other side!!)

look at these girls... LOL Di hahaha too funny!! Here they are being extremely well behaved :)
I will definately be adding more photos as I get them. Mum took some photos on the day and so did the other ladies.
Thankyou to everyone once again!

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